Getting the best wedding morning photos

✨ Details details details ✨

Wedding morning addition!

In my experience as a wedding photographer, I have to say that bridal getting ready photos can be some of the most beautiful of the day – if you prep in advance!

After planning every beautiful detail of the ceremony, photo locations, and reception, it can be easy to overlook where and how your getting ready photos will take place! But don’t sleep on giving this HUGE portion of your day just as much love. (Your photographer will thank you!)

A few of my favourite tips for brides for the best wedding morning photos:

✨Light and space!

This is sooo important if you want those bright and dreamy getting ready photos.

Choose a location/home/hotel/Airbnb that provides beautiful natural light, and space for you, your ladies, family, and beauty team.

Bonus tips if you can choose a hotel that allows photographer to go between your partners room and yours easily without burning time with transportation with the potential of missing magical moments!

✨ Keep it tidy.

It’s easy to let luggage and bags and chaos take over the space. Try to keep things like luggage and extras put away in closets.

As well as tables and counter tops free of clutter – aside from your champagne and treats of course!

Keeping this minimal will keep your eyes on YOU in the photos – and not the messy behind you.

✨ Atmosphere.

If you need the energy and excitement the morning of, have a playlist prepped. Songs you play on your wedding day will take you back to that moment when you hear them in the future.

If you need a relaxed, tranquil, and peaceful space for the morning for your nerves – let’s make your getting ready process flowy and relaxed with music to fit your mood, light some candles, visit with your gals while you get all those final touches done and reflect on the day to come!

✨Prep your details.

Before the morning, have set aside all your beautiful things for your photographer to photograph. This could be:

Rings and ring boxes
Wedding shoes
Vow books
Florals (ask florist for extra loose pieces for photo styling!)
Love letters
Anything sentimental to you!