My go to prompts for photographing people in love!

Ever struggle with feeling stuck or stiff when photographing couples? The worst is feeling like your brain fell out of your head and unsure where to go next for poses/shots. In order to capture your clients in a way that is fun, feels natural, and keeps the energy of the shoot flowing… you’ve got to be prepared with ideas and ways to keep your clients moving!

PRO TIP: Aim for movement prompts over poses!

Before you start the shoot, even before you meet your clients, but are communicating through email or consultation – get to know them! What are their love languages? How do they naturally interact with eachother? Their energy levels at the session time – are they outgoing and fans of PDA? Or are they quieter, more intentional, relaxed?

Seeing how they interact naturally is the perfect building block for how you will capture them in a way that feels authentic, comfortable, and fun for them too! Because it’s our job to capture THEM as they are – so feeding off their personalitities will allow you to create images that FEEL like your couples.

It’s also our jobs as professionals to keep the shoot flowing and give them an experience that helps them feel comfortable in front of the camera, with you, and with their partner.

Always aim for movement, connection, and flow!

Movement poses keep your clients interacting with eachother and in flow, instead of wondering where to put their hands next and waiting for you to move them. This will allow you to capture tons of variety of angles, details, and genuine expressions. Ask them to always be touching eachother – hands – hair – backs – butts – etc etc you get me?

Some of my favourite easy movement prompts

⚡️An easy but oh so good one to start, going on a walk. Hand in hand have one partner 1 hold partner 2’s hand with both of theirs. bumping hips, swinging away from and back in, leaning in for fast kisses while still walking. Have them take turns leading, pulling, looking back at the camera between laughter and kisses.

⚡️Photo booth – a fun one to create laughter and freaking adorable on the spot photographs. Tell the couple they’re in your photo booth and every time you click that shutter they choose a new pose, expression, kiss, silly face. A nostalgic throw back to mall photo booth photos back in high school. Puts them on the spot, and ALWAYS provides amazing genuine laughter and personality.

⚡️The picnic – have them sit down together. Laying into each other’s arms, constant swaying, petting hair, rapid kisses from hair to neck to cheek to shoulders. Now you can capture sweet moments, angles from above, close ups, and far away.

⚡️Sneak attack – have your clients take turns running up behind eachother and wrapping up in a bear hug, picking them up, swinging around, or just swaying side to side. Of course with tons of smooches. Or, try having them run towards eachother into eachothers arms like they’ve been separated for years! Think romance movie vibes.

Lastly – tell your couples they are “beautiful”, “so cute!!!”, “spicy”, and that you’re obsessed with them after every photo – just like I do😂

Try these at your next couples session, and you’ll find yourself inspired with even more ideas as you go!