The Photographers Workflow Workshop! Online Education


We are just over 1 month away from the launch of the Workflow Workshop!

I have been passionately building out this online education course for photographers for the past 4 months, and I am so excited to begin enrollment!

It felt like it was time for an overview of what the heck this course is, and who it’s for.


The Workflow Workshop is an online course for photographers. It’s basically everything you need to know to efficiently and properly operate the back end of your photography business so that you can thrive. I have packages up everything I have learnt over the last 13 years… basically all the things I WISH I knew from the start of my photography days. 

I want you to feel confident, creative, and organized as you begin to build, or revamp your existing photography business.


This course is aimed at anyone who has been dreaming to start their own photography business, but is scared to take the leap, or just has no idea where to start. But it’s also for anyone in the industry. Maybe you’ve been shooting for a while now, but feel stressed, overwhelmed, and like you’re lacking systems and a workflow that allows you to keep up with the workload. If you’re spending every waking moment at your computer in your inbox and editing programs – I want to give you my own streamlined workflow to improve your life.

Now, this course isn’t just boring systems and processes – but they are hella crutial for you to evolve and grow as a creative business owner. It’s also so so much about mindset, vision, personal brand, and using your own unique super powers to become the confident face of your creative empire.


In the Workflow Workshop, we will be covering:

  • Discovering and defining your “why” and your unique genius zone
  • How to connect with your dream clients, and provide them an unforgettable client experience from first inquiry to during their session, to final gallery delivery, and beyond
  • The most efficient and time saving booking, organization methods, and programs and systems that will up level your office work and time.
  • Legal to-do lists and checklists to have in place
  • How to create effective and professional communication with your clients
  • My entire proven methods for post shoot workflow for stress free editing backlogs
  • My best advice and my personal methods for post production culling, sorting, editing and client gallery delivery

Included in the course is also first access to my entirely upgraded Daydream Collection Presets, my Lovers Client Session Guide Template, Workbooks, Checklists, Content Planners, and SO much more.

You’re excited right?!

So how will the course work?

You’ll have two options for diving into The Workflow Workshop.

Option One:

Self Study.

It’s time to dive in and start your workflow glow up! Upon enrollment and launch, you will receive instant access to ALL the modules and digital products to start watching, learning, working through, and implementing into your business.

You’ll have so many new tools in your tool box, a mindset to take on the year and set boundaries, new presets, templates, and more.

Proud of you!

Option Two:

The 6 week Mastermind.

Over the course of 6 weeks, you will receive 1 module per week. You will have the week to work through the lessons and your business, and once a week we will meet as a group via Zoom to get to know eachother, chat about that weeks topic, share wins and struggles and ask any questions you may have! We’re here to learn and hype eachother up as we grow.

I want to support you and help you grow into your confidence. Community is everything as an entrepreneur and creative, and my dream is for this to be a place of connection, encouragement, and inspiration. Along with the weekly zooms, we will have a private Facebook group to share work, questions, and have daily access and accountability.

If you are jump into the 2023 busy season with a newly organized business model, or launch the damn business AND do it set up for success and structure and confidence, then this course is for you.

My DM’s are open any time for questions, and I am SO excited to start this journey with you in Early March 2023

See you in the workshop 😉