Thoughts on creative process

As a photographer, aka The Magical Freezer of Time – a story teller, a memory maker – I love to sit and reflect on my creative process. This reminds me why I do what I do.

Reflecting on my creative process allows me to establish my mindset when it comes to creating. Bringing me back to the simplest of reminders: capturing beautiful, authentic, and REAL memories for my clients.

Think about when you’re flipping through your families old photo albums – think about the MEMORIES you’re looking at.

Think about the smile that curls up on your lips.

Think about the warm fuzzies in your heart.

Think about how your taken back to that time. With loved ones here – and loved ones gone.

Now – I’d say most of the time those photos aren’t “perfect”. They aren’t perfectly posed and curated – they are MOMENTS and memories with stories behind them.

Moments that we wont get back – but we can revisit over and over and over again.

Reflect on the “why”

A snapshot of movement and a season frozen in time.

I guaranteeeeee when you’re looking at these memories that you’re not skimming past them all looking for the perfectly posed and planned out shots. You’re not looking for the most “flattering” images of your parents or friends- you’re just seeing humans you adore.

That how I strive to capture LOVE. Movement – genuine connection and emotions – laughter, wind swept, in the moment. Memories of a season of life.

Time you’ll share in the future looking over these images reminiscing. I personally am deeply devoted to capturing photographs that feel sentimental and nostalgic. If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know how precious those photos are, and you know you love them regardless of their “perfection”.

Tell your story

I love to capture as it happens.

So maybe hairs blowing across your face, eyes crinkled up from laughing with loved ones, blur and motion from running or dancing in the sunlight. Maybe your kids outfits are out of place, or stained with grass. It doesn’t matter.

I love that these images caught as they’re happening – even if they aren’t “perfect” they tell a story, your story!

I strive for MOMENTS of connection over “perfect photographs”. Enough of our lives are consumed with curated highlight reels. I want to tell your story as it felt and as it flowed.

As if we blinked and saved that memory to last a life time.

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