Top 7 Outdoor Photography Spots in Saskatoon

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Hey guys! I’ve been doing this whole photography thing for a while (it’s been 12 years… but who’s counting?), so I’ve shot in pretty much every conceivable area in and around Saskatoon. I wanted to document my favourite spots to shoot outdoor photography so I could share my “secrets” with the world.

I’d like to caveat that by saying it will definitely depend on what type of session you’re shooting. The list may differ if you’re shooting lifestyle and family sessions versus a wedding or engagement shoot, or portraits, branding and content, etc. However, generally speaking, these are some key places to shoot here in Saskatoon!

Let’s jump in, shall we? In no particular order…

Top 7 outdoor photography spots in Saskatoon

1. Northeast Swale

Right in the city and so easy to access – oh my goodness it’s beautiful in there! Located between Central Ave. N. and McOrmond Ave. north of Evergreen and west of Aspen Ridge, the Northeast Swale is every lifestyle photographer’s dream. Full of rich colours and lots of light, this is the golden hour jackpot. Seriously guys, I can’t overstate it enough. Think rolling grassy hills, birch trees, rocky pathways, and a beautiful large pond.

It’s usually not super busy with other photographers, and it’s big enough that even if you come across another shoot, there is plenty of areas left for your shoot without having other in your way. My family and I have had our photos taken at the Swale more than once because we loved how the photos turned out so much.

A word of caution: parking can be a nuisance since they removed the parking area when they added the double lane to Fedoruk Dr. Look to park on Konihowski Rd. (north end of Silverspring) or Zary Rd. (north end of Evergreen).

Learn more about the Swale here

2. Gabriel Dumont Park

Gabriel Dumont Park is a perfect spot for family and lifestyle photos by the South Saskatchewan River. Located on Saskatchewan Cr. W. in Buena Vista (by the Rawlco Radio building), the park is relatively quiet (with a fair amount of runners or bikers on the paths on a hot day) and provides ones of the most scenic views in the city. Families and couples will love this spot.

Two awesome things about Gabriel Dumont Park:

1. The soft, sandy beach that stretches the majority of the park

2. The park faces west, so you’ll get those perfect light rays as the sun begins to set.

This is an absolute must-shoot spot if you’re a photographer in Saskatoon!

3. Cranberry Flats

Ohh Cranberry Flats, how I love you. Situated just south of the city about 10 km down Highway 219 (follow Lorne Ave south of town), Cranberry Flats is full of rolling hills, tall taupey grass, mossy fields, wooden boardwalk, a soft, white sand beach and of course – the river.

I must admit that Cranberry Flats is one of my favourite places to shoot and I’ve grown increasingly more infatuated with it as the years go on. My jaw has literally dropped a few times as the sun has set there. I probably overuse this word but it can be a “stunning” spot to shoot.

It’s also on the east side of the river, so it gives you a different perspective than my next spot…

4. Poplar Bluffs

Poplar Bluffs is another cool spot for outdoor photography, especially in the spring and summer. Located on the other side of the river from Cranberry Flats, Poplar Bluffs is situated approximately 10 km down Valley Road south of the city (it’s the last left turn before the Berry Barn).

Poplar Bluffs is beachier (is that a word?) than Cranberry Flats, but it’s equally as beautiful. I’ve done a number of shoots right in the water and I can promise you it’s totally worth it. Families will love this spot because the beach just seems to go on forever.

5. Meewasin Trail

I love me some Meewasin Trail! It’s such a unique spot to shoot because it’s kind of Northeast Swale, Gabriel Dumont Park and Cranberry Flats/Poplar Bluffs all rolled into one.  Lots of long grass and trees like the Swale, a stunning (I did it again) view of the river and lots of rolling hills.

The trail itself is quite long and runs all the way down past the university, but the spot I’m referring to is located on Central Ave N just west of Silverspring. This part of Meewasin has to be one of the most popular spots in the city for photography pretty much anytime of the year.

Depending on the time of year, there likely will be other photography sessions on the go there but there is more than enough space for your shoot to be unique and amazing.

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6. Downtown + Riversdale Saskatoon

If you’re looking for a more urban vibe, cobble stone sidewalks, cool old walls and brick buildings and side streets. Basically you can park anywhere off of downtown or near Riversdale on the west side of the river. Riversdale area is full of life and vibrancy. You can find so many cool walls, art, neutral buildings, and cute picket fence-y neighbourhoods. Definitely check it our for your next cool-kids couples session!

7. The Bowl & Administrative Building at the U of S

A timeless spot that I love for wedding and graduation portraits. A Saskatoon classic. The beautiful stone buildings and design, vine covered walls, and beautiful green pathways. There’s really endless spots to explore and I am always so happy with my images shot around the University. A bonus too is there’s lots of shade, so you’ll be comfortable shooting any time of the day here!

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Favourite indoor photo spots to shoot in Saskatoon

My style is very much true to life colors and lighting, so I try as hard as I can to keep shoots outdoors whenever possible. But sometimes the stars align where the shoot is time sensitive and the show must go on.

In those rare instances, I have a couple spots I really like…

1. Remai Modern Art Gallery

To no one’s surprise, the Remai Modern Art Gallery is a go-to if a shoot must be indoors. Full of natural light, chic, modern architecture with an editorial feel, the Remai is a wonderful place to both visit and shoot.

Located in downtown Saskatoon (officially on Spadina, but accessible by 2nd Ave S), Remai Modern is perfect for wedding photography when Mother Nature has other plans for the day.

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2. Delta Bessborough

Another beloved Saskatoon classic landmark. If you need to shoot indoors and looking for a romantic spot with moody lighting, stone spiral stair cases, grand windows, and a royaly chic vibe – head on into the Bes! I’ve shot here for numerous wedding and always feel like I’ve stepped into a fairy tale.

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3. The James Hotel

Another beloved Saskatoon classic landmark. If you need to shoot indoors and looking for a romantic spot with moody lighting, stone spiral stair cases, grand windows, and a royaly chic vibe – head on into the Bes! I’ve shot here for numerous wedding and always feel like I’ve stepped into a fairy tale.

A fun little fact about me… the James is where my husband Paul and I got engaged!

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